Rytek Products Mold End Air FilterRytek Products Mold End Air Filter


RYTEK has a complete line of molded end industrial filters. Molded end filters are typically used on air filtration applications such as gas turbines, blowers, compressors, pipelines, chemical process and dust collection.

RYTEK molded end filter elements have open end caps made of a molded, high quality polyurethane that seals the radial fins against the filter housing, insuring that no dirt or other materials can bypass the filter media. Filter media is industrial duty textile (not cotton or paper) and is cleanable and washable for long economical usage.

The polyester felt media is pleated between two layers of  wire mesh to prevent pleat collapse under high pressures as well as maintain consistent air flow. The core and media is then sealed at both ends with urethane or we can provide metal end caps.

These elements are specifically developed to remove atmospheric dust from the air intake of compressors, blowers and engines or natural gas lines.  Our elements are carefully engineered to provide maximum air flow while offering high efficiency retention from. 5, 10 and 200 microns.

Benefits Include:

  • Improved filtration efficiency
  • Improved filter life
  • able to cross reference any filters
  • able to do custom ordering of filters